Types of Construction Defects in Arizona

It is important to understand what will be considered a defect by a fact-finder such as a jury, judge or arbitrator, and what types of defects are not actionable when completing a construction project. Construction defects can include:

Write a list of construction defects

-Mechanical defects
-Electrical defects
-Plumbing defects
-Building envelope defects
-Grading and soil defects
-Structural defects
-Water intrusion
-Design and architectural defects

If you’re considering investing in a property, it’s important to be aware of the potential for defects in the design or construction. A defect can cause serious problems for a project, like cost overruns, timing issues, and damage to the building. If a defect is unnoticed, it could have long-term consequences like affecting the value of the property or even leading to injuries.

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