Inspecting for Mold in Your Home

Checklist Inspections understands that mold is a nasty business. Getting to the root of the mold problem is the only sure way of removing mold from your property. We capture the samples from air and surface to determine the presence of mold and its growth. Our reports are detailed and also come with a remedy to the situation.

Why Do I Need Mold Inspection Service?

Mold can grow anywhere in a home, whether its an improperly vented bathroom, damp basement, closed off attic or unclean carpet. Mold doesn’t just stay on a surface growing, microscopic spores are released into the air irritating sinuses, lungs and the overall health of everyone who lives there.

Our Mold Assessment Includes:

  • Visual check for mold and moisture build-up
  • Thermal imaging cameras help in locating moisture behind the walls
  • Air samples and mold swabs are taken to identify mold
  • Recommendations on the mold removal and moisture issues inside your home.

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