Is a Permit Required?

Let’s discuss the benefits of obtaining a permit and having construction inspections performed. The first benefit is that it is the law. The second benefit is that it is in accordance with the local codes and ordinances. The third benefit is that the ICC provides guidance for structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and energy conservation for home construction.

The permit and inspection process is a great way to ensure that your building or home is safe. It also adds time and money to your project, but the payoff is worth it. Insurance companies love permitted work, and some companies even offer lower rates for those who choose to use the process. Finally, there is peace of mind knowing that the project was built to code and verified through the jurisdictional process.

There are many small improvements you can make to your property without a permit. It’s important to check with your local jurisdiction to see what is allowed in your area. In the City of Phoenix, for example, you can paint, install finished flooring, replace light fixtures, replace plumbing fixtures, replace kitchen cabinets, replace electrical outlets and wall plates, and replace windows – as long as you do not alter the rough window opening. You can also build a storage shed that is under 200 square feet, replace appliances that are cord connected, and change the water heater if done by a licensed plumbing contractor. To view a complete list of allowed improvements, visit the City of Phoenix website.

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