Leaky Roof Warning Signs

There are many telltale signs to look out for when appraising your roof. To make sure a leaky roof does not catch you unawares, keep an eye out for these 

Poor shingle installation

Hanging shingles and metal flashing around complex areas in your roof like drain pipes and chimney flues is difficult. When the last repair was botched on the first try, your house’s leaking roof may be the outcome.


Hail stones can tear large holes in your roofing. If you notice hail damage to your roof, have the problem area inspected promptly by a professional. Do not attempt to  climb on to the roof yourself!

Wind damage

When the wind speed increases, your roof can easily take damage, having shingles ripped off or torn. Be sure to get a thorough roof inspection if you suspect damage!

Weather impact

Rainstorms and thunder storms can stop the hardiest roofing shingles. You may have absent shingles, as well as damage stemming from downed trees or other causes.

If these or any other problems are giving you trouble, be sure to start with a comprehensive inspection from Checklist Inspections. Our experts will be able to give you an accurate and informed report so you can get back to what matters most.

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