Sell Quickly With Pre-Listing Inspections

Let us help you sell in seconds with our Pre-Listing Inspections! Our team of experienced and knowledgeable inspectors will separate you from the pack and give your buyers peace of mind.  Go above and beyond for your sellers!

Inspections Aren’t Just for the Buyers Anymore!
We know your time is valuable, so we would love to give you a hand at moving your listing quicker, and with the potential to sell for more.  Plus, our Seller’s Inspection Checklist will get them ready before we even show up!

We invite you to give us 5% of your confidence,
and allow us to earn the other 95% one inspection at a time. 
 For the Agent…

–  Sell for More  
Justify full asking price by presenting the listing as being Pre-Inspected
–  Marketing Tool  Create a low-stress transaction and increase your closing rate with this unique selling tool
–  Convenience  You and your client can schedule at your convenience
–  Prevent  11th hour negotiations and delays and avoid expensive credit requests at closing
–  Close with Confidence  Deals are less likely to fall apart last-minute

For the Seller…

–  Peace of Mind  
Pre-Listing report helps provide full disclosure protection from future legal claims
–  Early Confirmation  Get early confirmation that there are no major systems in need of repair or replacement
–  Eliminate Hazards  Make sure there are no safety hazards before agents or potential buyers enter the home
–  Show Better  Address any problems or defects before buyers discover them

We guarantee you will be 200% satisfied with our easy to read reports
and professional service from our entire team!

Before You Go!

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