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Chandler, AZ Radon Testing

What Should I Know About Radon?

  • Radon gas is a common cause of cancer. Radon gas is well known to lead to lung cancer in humans.
  • 38%+ of houses in the Chandler area have a radon gas saturation at or above the dangerous level.
  • Radon seeps out of the dirt, not the house.

No house, new or old, is fully shielded from radon gas contamination. Every house meshes with the ground underneath it in a different way. That is part of the reason why houses adjoining others can have majorly different radon levels.

Radon gas saturation will rise or fall on different days and monthly within a safe range. A short-term radon sample measures a small period and is a reliable metric of if the structure has a radon accumulation. 

To test your Chandler home for radon, call the trustworthy team at Checklist Inspections today!

How Does Radon Seep into your structure?

Houses are not built to be hermetically sealed.

Gaseous contaminants will suffuse through every grounded vent in the house such as drains, pipeworks, and invisible gaps in the concrete slab or foundation.

Your way to know confidently the concentration of radon gas in the house is to run a radon test.

Radon Testing Procedures

Measuring a house for radon gas is a detailed process, and you’ll want a certified professional to do it. Here’s what you can expect during a radon test:

  1. The radon gas expert will install the radon monitors in the house. Radon monitors are placed in crawl spaces, the level above crawl spaces, and any room touching the earth. Typically several probes are located in the house for the radon analysis.
  2. Our radon expert will close all windows, shut the flue on the fireplace, and confirm the heater or AC is operating in the prescribed manner. Your radon gas expert will additionally mark any necessary window with tamper-proof tape to make sure that draft requirements are met.
  3. The radon apparatus is left in the home for a few days to measure the amount of radon gas in the house. A specialist will revisit the structure after the radon testing is completed to return the analyzers and create a report.

Radon Testing by Checklist Inspections

Please call Checklist Inspections today at 480-361-8120 for a no-pressure price estimate!

Our radon testing staff will meet with you to learn more about your property, measure the area, and get you going on making your Chandler house one you can enjoy without reservation!

What Our Customers are Saying
  • Avatar Jessica Valenzuela
    I think they did an amazing job and went above my expectations. They went through more than I was expecting and answered all of my questions and concerns … More immediately. They also taught me and showed me things about the house that I was unaware of. I was extremely impressed with their professionalism and they truly cared about my needs and ensuring I was clear on everything that was found throughout the house. I have heard nightmares about inspections where they missed a bunch of huge issues but not with checklist, I dont think they missed anything, also inspected things that they did not have to. Like sprinkler system, even showed me how to operate. They gave me resources to help me understand my house, pool and overall what I was buying. I will always use them in the future!!
    ★★★★★ a month ago
  • Avatar Todd Crawford
    By FAR the best home inspection I have ever had done. The staff were professional, friendly, knowledgeable and were not in a rush to get in and out. … More They provided a tour and an opportunity to ask questions all along the way with a comprehensive report and a summary as well…very impressive!
    ★★★★★ a month ago
  • Avatar Jim McIntyre
    You guys did an amazing job. Very thorough and explained every issue in detail once the inspection was done. If it wasn't for the great job done by … More your technician, I would have bought a house with many hidden issues. I will definitely use you for my next inspection. Thanks again!!
    ★★★★★ 3 months ago

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