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What is HomeBinder?

HomeBinder is designed to both help you with records management for your home and also to provide you with maintenance reminders and appliance recall notifications. We provide this again at no charge and will also do the initial account setup and place your report, a virtual home resource guide, and a few other useful documents into your binder.

Some of the features of Home Binder include:

  • Scheduled Maintenance reminders.
  • The ability for your to store contractor information and work history
  • Organize Home projects
  • Start and store your home inventory
  • Store decorating and paint colors

Check out the video below to learn about the HomeBinder process!

Checklist Inspections Teams up with HomeBinder

Top Homeowner Questions

Where is my HomeBinder?

  1. Check your spam folder
  2. Search to see that the binder was setup and transferred
  3. If bullet 2 above is confirmed, then do a “Resend Transfer Email”
  4. If all fails…next best step is for the homeowner to click on Login → Forgot Password and do a password reset…their binder will be there when they login.

I didn’t buy the home, what do I do?

  1. Click the “I didn’t buy this home” link in the email that you’ll get from HomeBinder
  2. If you bought a different home you can actually just change the address of the binder and start using it for your new home.
  3. If you want your account fully removed/deleted, just email support@homebinder.com and it will be taken care of

Can my partner/spouse access my binder?

Yes, just click on Access in the upper right and chose “Share”

Where will I find my inspection report?

Check the documents section on the left-hand menu at the bottom.  You can also upload any other documents you want to save.

Can I modify my maintenance schedule and turn off emails I don’t want?

Absolutely.  You can add, edit or delete maintenance items and their frequency.  You can also turn off notifications for one event and keep notifications on for other events.

Who has access to my Binder?

Only you and the people you share the binder with will have access to your binder.  We as your inspector transferred full ownership to you.

Is there a mobile app?

There is not a true mobile app presently but HomeBinder is working on one.  In the meantime, the whole site is designed to be “responsive” so that it works on devices of all sizes by formatting the layout to adjust.

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