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A Seller’s Stellar Inspection

How to prepare your seller for a smooth and easy inspection process.

You just presented your client with a stellar offer, and they are accepting. Next up come the hurdles in the race to closing. Inspections, survey, appraisal, remedy etc. All of these processes have their way of throwing up a roadblock to the finish line. I can’t give you advice on all those things, I can certainly help you guide your seller to a smooth and easy Home Inspection. The following is a quick checklist you can go over with your seller to help make it quick and painless.

  • Treat the main home inspection as a showing, have something to do away from the home for those 2-3 hours. Most inspectors encourage buyer attendance during the inspection as it’s a great time for the buyer to get familiar with the house and its systems, ask questions of the inspector, take room measurements etc. When the seller is present, the buyer may feel apprehensive about exploring the home and asking questions.
  • Try to make everything accessible for the inspector. Make sure there is adequate space for the inspector to enter attic spaces, view the water heater, access the electric panel (many times they are pad locked), provide keys or unlock any padlocks on gates, pools, etc.
  • The inspector will be respectful of your things, and typically won’t move your items to get in these areas. Chances are if something is in the way, you’ll be getting a call to move those items so the inspection can be completed.
  • Have a copy of the property disclosure form available for the inspector to review. Chances are the buyer may have questions about any items noted here. Also, have any recent maintenance receipts handy, such as HVAC maintenance records, roof repair work, and any other recent repair or upgrade receipts.
  • Finally, have the house in show ready shape. An impeccable house during showing then clutter during inspection may plant seeds of doubt in the buyers’ mind, and make it more difficult for the inspector to navigate through their process.
  • Have new air filters in HVAC returns. Heavily soiled filters can cause a faulty AC differential and this can cause a buyer to think there is a more in-depth issue. Plus, it shows the home is being maintained.
  • Change any burnt out light bulbs. That way it does not appear to be an electrical issue. Again, this can make buyers feel the home is not maintained.
  • And most important for both the seller and for the buyer, is to manage expectations. Most homes have a few things, and all issues can be corrected.
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