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Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

Home inspections are a vital part of any real estate transaction. So, what are some of the problems that your inspector might bring up at the end of your home inspection? These are the five most common issues.

#1 Moisture

Moisture is standing water inside of your home and can be found in various locations, but most commonly on the roof or in the basement. Moisture problems can be as extreme as basement flooding. This could mean damage to not only personal belongings, but also to your bank account. A good tip to remember is that if you plan to have your basement finished with carpet or other furniture, be sure to check for existing moisture that may be lingering in the corners of your space.

#2 Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew are harmful spores that grow from standing moisture in the home. 

A standard home inspection may or may not uncover mold. If you suspect your home has mold or mildew, schedule a mold inspection. If mold is found, they will advise you on the proper next steps.Taking care of mold early on can prevent extensive and costly repairs down the road.

#3 Plumbing and Electrical

Plumbing and electrical make up some of the home’s most major systems. An inspector will thoroughly check these systems to make sure they are functioning properly. 

Leaks are one of the most common red flags, and a leak may indicate an even bigger problem. Old electrical systems or haphazard electrical updates can often cause problems, as well. A few loose wires might look like a simple fix, but they could indicate something much worse.

#4 Windows

Windows that are aged or damaged from previous owners can pose major problems down the road. Replacing windows can be extremely costly, so knowing the condition of your windows is important.

If faulty windows are a problem, that may mean your heating and air conditioning costs are being affected. Having the problem pointed out can keep you from spending too much in those areas.

#5 BIG TICKET ITEMS: HVAC, Foundation & Roof

The HVAC system, foundation and roof are major components of the home. These areas are also susceptible to a variety of issues. Inspectors will examine these areas thoroughly and determine if there are problems that need to be addressed. Uncovering these issues early on can prevent extensive and costly repairs.


These are only some of the issues that could be found during the home inspection. Always schedule a home inspection, regardless of your home’s location, age, or type. A home inspection provides peace of mind and is a great way to protect your investment.

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