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Don’t Ignore Your Roof

Most of us do not think about our roof until it leaks. But like your car and HVAC system, it will last longer with a little maintenance. With our recent rains, many people are having leaks that could have been prevented with a little maintenance on the roof. 

Some items one can do themselves depending on the roof type, other parts should be hired out. But you should have a roofer walk and examine the roof at least every other year. Maintained roofs last much longer, and postponing a $5,000 or more roof replacement job several years can really save you money. 

Keep vegetation like tree branches away from and not touching your roof. This can cause mechanical damage and increase debris build up. 

Clean off debris from your roof, even pitched roofs can lode up with debris. This prevents water from properly shedding off the roof, and can back up into valleys and flashings. And if you have gutters, clean them out yearly.

Most roofs in our area are tile, and they can crack and break. There are several causes such as thermal expansion, micro cracks in the concrete that fatigue, etc. These should be replaced. Also they can slip out of position (this is mainly seen while on the roof looking down on the tiles) and a roofer can adjust them and secure them as needed. It is important that the underlayment is examined when cracked tiles and slipped tiles are noted. This underlayment is our waterproofing layer and the sun can damage it. Slipped and cracked tiles are a large cause of our roofing issues in the Phoenix area. 

Flat roofs of all types should be examined as well. Look around drains and scuppers, damage from birds, etc. A small patch on the roof can prevent a leak and be cheaper to do now than drywall work inside later! 

Many weak areas and leaks start at the eaves before working their way up into the home, so walking around the house looking up under the eaves for water stains can tell you where you need to have the roof repaired. Also catching this early saves money if you prevent the leak from rotting the wood. 

Bottom line, a little time and money on routine maintenance will save money in the long run. And most importantly headaches!

John Tyler


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