Radon Testing for Scottsdale

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Scottsdale Radon Testing

What’s Radon?

Radon gas is a Class A carcinogen. Radon gas is proven to instigate lung cancer in children and adults.

A large number of houses in the Scottsdale area have a radon level near or above the actionable limit.

Radon seeps out of the silt, not the structure. No home, newly built or longstanding, is immune to radon gas contamination.

Each property meshes with the topsoil uniquely. That is part of the reason why properties adjoining others have majorly different radon saturation.

Radon gas levels will rise or fall daily and monthly inside of an acceptable range. A quick radon gas measurement is a snapshot and an accurate bellwether of whether or not the home has a radon accumulation.

Radon has a lifespan of only days. This means that radon concentration will not be higher if the home is enclosed for months or years.

How Does Radon Gas Infiltrate Your Structure?

No house is 100% airtight.

Gaseous contaminants will suffuse through every penetration in the home such as sump drains, utility connections, and small imperfections in the concrete work.

Your way to know the levels of radon in the house is to conduct a radon test.

Your Radon Gas Test Procedures

Sampling a house for radon gas is a unique service when done with a real estate transaction.

Our radon gas specialist will place the radon analyzers in the house. Radon probes are placed in crawl spaces, the level above crawl spaces, and any room touching the earth. It is typical that up to three devices are left in the property for the radon gas measurement.

The radon gas specialist will close windows, close the damper on the chimney, and confirm the air conditioning is functioning in the prescribed manner. Your radon technician will additionally seal any indicated window with anti-tampering tape to ensure that closed-house standards are upheld.

The radon monitors remain in the structure for a few days analyzing the levels of radon gas in the building. A specialist will revisit the property after the radon measurement is done to recover the probes and write a report.

Call us today at 480-637-0592 for a free price estimate! Our radon testing experts will come out to learn more about your property, measure your space, and get you on target for making your Scottsdale home one you can be proud of!


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